New window for Royal College of Obstatritians and GynecologistsCollege windo detail


















Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Reinterpretation of the original Arts and Crafts college logo for their new site in Borough.


Stained Glass Porthole



Porthole for 1906 Sailing Barge

Porthole made of broken fragments of painted glass from other projects.

Classic frontdoor stained glass design in Clapham




Bathroom, Earls Court

New Commission Bathroom windows, designed to fit in with the Art Deco interior of the room.

stained glass windows for an entyrance for a Victorian tower in Cromer Norfolk, Deko Studio London Traditional design stained Glass enhancing traditional architecture



Fletcher Hospital Tower, Cromer

Restoration of a tower and entrance hall of a derelict Victorian Hospital.

The design calculated to fit in with the impressive neo-Gothic style of the original architecture.

Classic frontdoor stained glass design in Clapham




Front Door and Surrounds, Clapham

Intricate design for Front door and surrounds , for a Clapham house.

Classic frontdoor stained glass design in Clapham




Library Triptych, Drayton Manor School, Ealing

Centre panel features the new school logo, designed in collaboration with the 6th Form Art Class. The two side panels feature the crests of the schools founder (right) and the current headmaster (left).

window for a development in chislehurst




Victorian Landing, Chislehurst

A set of classic landing windows for a re-development of a Victorian complex in Chislehurst.

Classic design landing windows for nw6



Landing windows, NW6

A set of magnificent landing windows for a house in NW6, where the originals were lost.

These replacement windows were designed to match the style and character of the area, but also to sit comfortably with the modernised feel of the property.


Organic stained glass design for a house in hampstead




Organic/Linear Design, Hampstead

A juxtoposition of of organic and linear designs for a window in Hampsted. Design relying on clean lead lines as well as a mixture of different textures of clear glass

Entrance hall Hampstead



Victorian Entrance Hall, Hampstead

An imposing entrance hall of a Hampstead Town House.

The design incorporates simple geometric shapes to create a powerful visual statement that defines the space around it.


front door in tooting



Front door, Tooting

A Sympathetic design of an imposing entrance to a victorian Villa.