Good modern stained glass can transform the light around you. Light cast on the stone floor by a Deko Studio designed Stained GlassMake your kitchen beautiful with contemporary stained glass

Light. It creates life - and illuminates it.

It's a daily miracle we take for granted. When seen through the colour and texture of art glass it can transform a space – and in a way that subtly changes through the day and with the changing seasons.

Stained Glass designed and created specifically for your space by DEKO STUDIO can capture the magic of light. No single work is the same, because no architectural space is the same.

As every work is individual and tailored to your space and tastes, prices will depend on the complexity of the design, the type of glass used, and the size of the work.

If you would like to find out how DEKO STUDIO can transform your space, call Tomasz on 07962 414 900.

'I am always happy to discuss possible commissions without any obligation and to work with you to stay within your particular budget.'

London’s leading stained glass studio – Garden room Unusual and unique Spider's Web stained Glass Design by Deko Studio LondonTraditional stone buildings can be enhanced by a  stained glass window by Deko StudioBauhaus Stained Glass Window. Make your bathroom spectacular and modern with stained glass by Deko Studio