team building through stained glass


- inspire your team with an unusual and uplifting day creating a work of art.

Illuminate@DekoStudio is a team-building away day with a difference. Attendees will work together to create an original work of art that illuminates the goals and values of the team – and your organisation.

The day has been specially designed to tap into each participant’s creativity, while simultaneously building group collaboration and decision-making skills. It is devised and run by Tomasz Wlodarzcyk, an experienced stained glass artist who has previously worked as a Director in a range of Third Sector organisations.

Tomasz has run his acclaimed twice-monthly workshops at Bow Arts for two years, successfully teaching hundreds of beginners to make ambitious pieces from scratch in a single day.

Illuminate@Deko Studio is an imaginative and bespoke one-day workshop that:

1. Challenges your team to think creatively while aquiring new skills.

2. Accomodates a variety of learning styles and speeds.

3. Disrupts traditional ways of thinking about brand values.

4. Brings your team together in creating a unique work of art with emphasis on achieving team/organisational goals and objectives.


Tomasz will contact you in advance to discover what you want to achieve from the day and to understand more about your organisation, its culture, values, and goals. 

You will be asked for insights into the team and its objectives, and where you would like to see growth and development. Attendees will also be asked to complete a brief online survey two weeks before the workshop.  


Your workshop will focus on ‘future state’ attributes and values and will inspire and enable participants to capture in their designs a clear vision of the strengths and aspirations of the team and your organisation.  

The team will discuss and agree on an overall design that not only works aesthetically, but embodies the organisation’s values and objectives

Each team member will then produce their own panel while continuing to consult and work co-operatively.

Towards the end of the day, all the panels will be combined creating one large and impressive piece to take away – a lasting legacy of a unique day.


The Illuminate team building day can accomodate teams of up to 10 participants and costs between £1,200 to £1,900 depending on team size and options chosen. Please call Tomasz on 07962 414 900 if you have any questions, or email the address below.